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House Moves

House Moves from Removal Companies London are a lot different than home moves and we mention this because of the calls we get concerning house moves. A house move can literally be the moving of a house but that's not what we're talking about here, moving house comes with everything meaning all furniture, appliances, garden equipment and so on.

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Home Moves

Home Moves is probably the most common move that we do and it consist of personal items including clothes, books, computer, sometimes a mattress and the reason is because most of the folks moving homes are people who rent furnish apartments and share with other people like themselves and therefor there's no furniture of that sort to move.

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Office Moves

Office Moves is self explanatory and it goes without saying that if you have a large office move project you might want to consult the experts for that sort of move. However, if all you need is to move equipment around we sure can help you with that and the cost will be a lot cheaper than what you would pay calling the experts, so think about that before you move.

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We've made Relocation a headline cause it goes both ways, you can relocate a home or business and in both instances we can surely accommodate you, depending on the amount of items you're moving you can book a large van or a luton van. Sometimes we get ask what is a luton van and simply it's a van with a large box allowing it to move bulky items.

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Because we allow you to compare all our affiliates and drivers, we don't just service Removal Companies London in the UK, our aim is to provide our services all over the UK for your moves including Removal Companies London, Removal Companies London Reviews, Removal Companies London Prices these are just a few of the areas but we also have areas such as

Removal Company London to Northern Ireland, Removal Company London to Leeds, Removal Company London to Manchester, Removal Company London to Scotland, Removal Company London to Bristol and when you book or reserve any of these from us you will save by comparing all the companies and drivers on our system.

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Compare Removal Company

Compare London Removal Companies prices because they can vary dramatically for many reasons, here we will try to give you a good understanding of what to look for with Removal Companies London quotes.

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If you call or contact the average man and van company and ask for a quote, chances are you'll be ask many questions about your move to make it seem like your request is somewhat out of the ordinary.

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But typically the cost per hour for one man and his van is about £25 - £30 and this is the first thing you've got to keep in mind when you're searching for a really good man with a van in and around London.

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House Moves

Moving House? We have a driver for that.

Office Relocation

Office Relocation? We have a driver for that.

Student Move

Student Move? We have a driver for that.

Removal Company London Prices

Now there are companies out there with really good reviews and the reputation to go with it and if you decided to book with one of these moving companies, then you will expect to pay a premium for their services.

However, you can come to a site like ours and get a quote from many different companies, see their reviews and make an informed decision while saving on your move, the choice is yours.

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